Please read your assignments carefully and utilize your classtime to complete.

If you complete your assignments, you may work tutorials.


Week of August 30
Students will be able to code a site using basic coding.

1. Complete all assignments from Week of August 16 in MindTap
2. Upon completion of coding you will complete the Quick Checks - Get Code from Mrs. Cook - To be completed in class only.

Week of Aug 23
Students will be able to define web terms such as html, http, ftp. Students will be able to code a basic site using list(ordered and unordered)
1. Chapter 1 Quiz
2. Introduction to HTML
3. The Anatomy of a HTML tag
4. Build an HTML Personal Site
5. How to structure text in HTML (brief intro)
6. How to structure list (ol and ul) (brief intro)
7. How to import images to your website (brief intro)
8. How to crop your images to shapes (circle)

Week of August 16
Objective- Students will be able to identify and demonstrate basic coding with basic element tags such as p, title, head, body, html, doctype. Students will be able to create a basic web page.
1. Pre-Assessment (MindTap)
2. Basic coding (a simple site - Jeb Tree Service) - Case Problem 1
3. Math String - Case Problem 2
4. Harpe Gaming - Case Problem 4
5. QuickCheck 1.1, 1.2, & 1.3

Week of August 10
1. Complete - Welcome Packet
2. Create Files and Folders for Web Sites Design
3. Sign up for MindTap
4. Bookmark sites -,,,,,,,

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