Please read your assignments carefully and utilize your classtime to complete.

If you complete your assignments, you may work on tutorials:


Week of August 30
Same as last week
1. Complete Chapter 1 Read (6 practice coding Try It) - Mind Tap
2. Mind Tap - CS1- Apply Your Knowledge - Coding a Basic Site
3. CS1 - Extend Your Knowledge - Accessibilities
4. CS1 - Analyze - Correcting a Webpage
5. CS1 - Lab 1 - Strike a Chord
6. CS1 - Lab 2 - Wildlife Rescue
7. CS1 - Lb 3 - Student Clubs and Events
8. CS1 - Your Turn - Chose either 1, 2, or 3. Choose wisely! Once you choose you will keep this through out the school term (no changing allowed) inform me of your choice.

Week of August 23
Objective: Students will be able to code a personal site using basic codes. Students will be able to explain the layout for proper coding, hyperlinks and images
Download code editor (atom.io)
1. Code Avengers - Sign Up (How Does the Web Work)(Lessons 1- 5)
2. Introduction to HTML
3. The Anatomy of a HTML tag
4. Intro project coding (bruner.html)

Week of August 16
Objective: Students will be able to explain the history of the Internet and what makes up the INTERnetwork. Students will be able to explain and identify a Network and the different types of Networks
1. Pretest - Chapter 1 - Internet
2. What is the Internet
3. What's the difference between the Internet and WWW?
4. What is a Network?

Week of August 9
1. Complete Welcome Packet
2. Create Files and Folders for website assignments
3. MindTap - Sign Up
4. Bookmark the following: developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/Getting_started_with_the_web

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